List of FAKE seller (Part2)

After a couple of customer complaints, we get some violation information of FAKE sellers,

They will send you a product with poor quality, with FAKE invoice,

We reported these infringements to government and the related company(Amazon),

before they take action,

Please keep an eye before your purchase.

Here is a list of the reseller that is NOT Authorized Reseller, and selling FAKE products of HALUKAKAH: 




Business Name:URBANHELDEN Warenvertriebs GmbH


Again, please do not buy from any other seller who is not Authorized Reseller of HALUKAKAH,

if you doubt your item is a counterfeit item, please contact us immediately, our email is

If you are already suffering from a fake product that purchasing from seller of fake, please report it to us.We will guide you to protect your rights and interests. 

Authorized Reseller: